Spence Salmon, Smoked, Traditional Scottish-Style

Sliced and ready to eat. Emulating the past to preserve the future. Spence or Spens: one of the ancient Clans of Scotland; meaning dispense or keeper of the larder (food store). This tradition of Scottish smoking is carried on and cherished by Spence & Co., Ltd. Removing the pelicule (surface of salmon in direct contact with smoke), dry brining and no sugar added yields the most delicate, trimmed and perfectly balanced smoked salmon available. We interleave each slice for ease of use. Quintessentially Scottish. Simplicity will accentuate the subtlety of Spence Traditional Smoked Salmon. The carotenoid used in the feed of farm-raised salmon is identical to the natural carotenoid consumed by salmon in the wild and is the source of the color of this fish. www.spenceltd.com.