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At New Pi, we approach grocery differently.

We lead with sustainable practice, support farmers and staffers through fair compensation, and lift up our community through education and local partnerships.

Why We Love Being a Co-op

Being a co-op has allowed us to do things that are good for our community and the environment because the members who invest in us share those same values.
We can do things radically different than other grocery stores because our investors (members) believe in what we stand for and support us with their shopping dollars.

We pay farmers fair prices for their product, source clean, organic, and local foods, feature humanely-raised meats, and stock products with environmental and social missions. Learn more >

About Our Products


At New Pi, produce to center store to our meat case and dairy, you’ll find that the majority of the everyday products you buy can also be raised, grown, or produced in a sustainable, clean way.

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Locally Grown

As a Co-op, we buy from over 30 local farms, nearly all within a couple hours drive of our stores. We partner with another 100+ local producers to bring you Iowa’s best and freshest products (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois too). Year round, you can find hundreds of local products at your Co-op and literally thousands during our summer and fall seasons, even in our prepared foods.

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Humanely Raised Meats

At New Pi, we care about where our food comes from. We make sure that the farmers we buy from raise their livestock and poultry humanely, with acceptable living conditions and feed.

Because most of our meats come from local producers, we are able to buy and produce fresh cuts from the same animal and herd.

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Sustainable Seafood

Our fishermen catch seafood in a way that is minimally invasive to a fish’s ecosystem and is fished without threat to their population.

We follow best practices established by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and our providers use industry-leading sustainable practices. We exclusively accept and sell seafood that meets the highest standards for taste and freshness. Joy to the fishes and the deep blue sea!

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New Pi House-mades

We use organic and local ingredients as much as possible and have some of the best chefs in the area to run our kitchens.

Made from scratch daily – come taste the difference every day of the week!

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