Rustic Crust Old World Flatbread Pizza 11.46 oz

Wood fired Old World Flatbread: At Rustic Crust, our bakers searched the globe to for Old World Flatbread recipes that met our standards of flavor and texture. We found our match in the rustic villages of Italy. This special flatbread pizza is hand formed and stretched, and baked to crisp, golden perfection in the unique wood-fired ovens of Italy. You won't find a better pizza, so enjoy! A little taste of Italy! Our Italian made flatbread pizzas are sure-fire crowd pleasers. We use healthy all-natural ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, flavorful cheeses, unbleached & whole grain wheat flour, fresh herbs, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and no GMOs. Enjoy the Old World Italian flavors of Rustic Crust - a crust you can trust! USDA Organic. Ready in 5-9 minutes. Three cheers for organic Italian flatbread! Three Cheese: A flatbread for pizza purists. Italian handmade organic wood-fired flatbread pizza sprinkled with mozzarella, fontal and parmesan cheeses and topped with fresh vine-ripened tomato sauce. Pizza fantastico! Basil Pesto & Roasted Peppers: Pesto-lovers rejoice! We've combined pesto with mozzarella and roasted peppers on our Italian handmade organic wood-fired flatbread pizza for a truly flavorful experience. Warning: cravings may develop. Spinach & Feta: An Old World masterpiece! Authentic Italian handmade organic wood-fired flatbread pizza topped with fresh spinaches, parmesan cheese, tomato sauce and spiced to ultimate perfection! Roasted Vegetable: Celebrate the flavor of Italy. Italian handmade organic wood-fired flatbread pizza topped parmesan cheese and a delicious garden fresh mix of roasted eggplant, zucchini, yellow and red peppers. Magnifico! The history of Rustic Crust: As a chef, I love great food and gravitate towards authentic, all-natural ingredients. I think it's my Italian heritage. One day in a the midst of a hunger attack, and feeling the need for enhanced flavors in my life, I found myself on a quest -to create the quintessential flatbread pizza. The requirements were simple - authentic Old World taste and texture, healthy natural ingredients, full flavored toppings, and the perfect crustal balance. And now, a decade later, with my palate appeased and friends asking for more , we re getting them out - one Rustic Crust at a time. Why organic? When we eat organic foods, not only do we enjoy a healthy lifestyle, we support the farmers who grow them. USDA Certified organic foods like ours never use GMOs and help create a sustainable future for us all. The Rustic Crust company is committed to using the highest quality, organic produce, herbs, and grains in our flatbreads. We care as much about flavor as we do about the integrity of our ingredients. Whenever possible, we source fresh, local and organic ingredients. We use only vine-ripened tomatoes in our sauce. Our flour is made from unbleached and unbromated wheat. And our cheese comes from small dairies. So from our custom ovens to your kitchen, you can feel good about every bite. Made in Italy.