Silk Silk Silk Soy Milk Og Chai 32

A Premium Beverage of Teas, Soy and Spices. Enjoy hot or cold. Made with Organic ingredients. Lactose free. Low 1% fat. Ready to drink! Lactose free soy. Do not use as infant formula. No GMO ingredients. Calcium enriched. Rich in naturally occurring Isoflavones. Silk Chai is a healthy take on the original. Meaning -tea- in Indian, Arabic, Turkish, Greek and Russian, Chia is a creamy beverage with blends of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Not only that, but it's good for your health, not to mention your soul. Sharing is always a good thing, and in India, people were, and still are, known to frequent Chai Stalls, a popular meeting place to sit, have a hot cup of Chai and share their stories with friend. So, move on up to the kitchen table with a glass of Silk Chai and your favorite chatting partner to carry on this wholesome and harmonious tradition. Take it easy for a minute or two - you deserve it! Bet you didn't know there were so many fun things to do with Chai - 1. Inspire romance with Chai - add ice-cream, strawberries and indulge with a loved one. 2. You're now one word closer to learning Arabic - but did you know that every time you say the works Alchemy, Logarithm, Algebra or Tariff that you were speaking Arabic too? 3. Substitute your morning java for a Silk Chai - less caffeine, more goodness. 4. Open a Chai Stall and invite all your friends. Ingredients you didn't know you already knew - We include minimally treated, naturally occurring minerals and compounds such as potassium phosphate (a mineral salt) and sodium citrate (from fermented corn) to give you a silky smooth Chai that won't curdle. It's lactose free, dairy free, cholesterol free, organic and 100% natural! Silk Chai contains just .03 mg of caffeine per serving. A cup of decaf coffee has 3-4 mg. Silk Soybeans are third-party certified organic by QAI and contains no GMO Soybeans.