Sweet Earth Taco Chick'n, Plant-Based, Pieces 8 oz

Choose food that’s good in every sense of the word with Sweet Earth Plant Based Shredded Seasoned Taco Chik'n. Made with ingredients that matter, this plant based, shredded chicken substitute features marinated plant based meat shreds that are ideal for use in place of traditional fully cooked frozen chicken. This plant based, fully cooked chicken offers an excellent source of potassium with 16 grams of protein per serving. Enjoy this Sweet Earth plant based chicken as a substitute for stir fry meat or chicken taco meat on taco night, or channel your inner chef and use shredded chik’n in your favorite pasta, soup and salad recipes. Easily prepare the shredded taco chicken plant based alternative in a skillet or microwave, or enjoy chik'n straight from the package. Keep meat substitute refrigerated or frozen until ready to prepare. Sweet Earth foods offer exceptional flavor and goodness in a variety of different plant based protein products and frozen meals, moving the needle towards a happier planet.