Odwalla Fruit Smoothie Blend 15.2 oz

Packed with antioxidants. Beta carotene and vitamins C & E. At Odwalla, we blend the best ingredients from nature with the latest learning in nutrition to create products bursting with living flavor that nourish your body, mind and spirit. Our mission today is the same as it's been for more than 25 years; nourish people everywhere, respect our planet, protect the soil with sustainable practices, and create products good for the soul. Mo'Beta: Bright blend of orange juice, peaches, mangos and plums; vitamins C & E and zinc help support a healthy immune system; vitamin A, as beta carotene, helps support normal vision. This bright blend offers real nutrition from orange juice and peach, mango, and plum purees, plus pineapple juice with a special formulation of green tea extract and antioxidants vitamin E (600%), vitamin C (940%) and beta carotene (190%) in every bottle. The powerful array of antioxidants in Mo' Beta are essential vitamins your body needs to neutralize free radicals, and they play an important role in supporting a healthy immune system. Make Mo' Beta a tasty part of your daily health ritual. You may not live forever, but you'll feel Mo' Beta. No GMO (today many ingredients do not yet exist in bioengineered varieties. Nevertheless, Odwalla is committed to only using ingredients that are not produced using biotechnology). 89% juice/puree blend. Flash pasteurized.