Naked 100% Fruit & Veg Juice Smoothie, Mango Veggie

With other natural flavors. All natural fruit + boost. Mango flavored blend of 8 vegetable and fruit juices with other ingredients. Partially from concentrate. No sugar added. 2 servings of veggies per bottle. 290 calories per bottle. These veggies came to the ball masquerading as sweet mangoes. Fooled you. We use only the freshest, purest stuff in the world and leave out everything else. No added sugar. No preservatives. Non-GMO (While many ingredients do not exist in bioengineered varieties, Naked Juice does not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology as a matter of principle). Gluten free. Vegan. Love this renewabottle. It's a bottle made from other bottles. And it can be used to make more bottles in the future. 100% recycled and recyclable. Don't you just love that? The Fruit & Veg Inside (per Bottle): 3/4 mango; 1-1/2 yellow carrots; 1/8 sweet potato; 169 kernels sweet corn; 1/3 apple; 29 chick peas & a hint of lemon & butternut squash. The Boost Inside: 7936 IU vitamin A; 11 mg vitamin B3; 5.7 mg vitamin B5; 1 mg vitamin B6; 2.8 mcg vitamin B12; 171 mg vitamin C; 14 IU vitamin E. 100% juice. All sugars are found naturally in the fruit. Not a low calorie food. This product has been gently pasteurized. Please recycle.