Odwalla All Natural Juice Carrot

100% pure pressed. Not from concentrate. No sugar added. Plant Bottle (This innovative redesigned plastic bottle uses up to 100% renewable material from plants and is recyclable as always). We press the freshest crisp carrots we can find - over one pound of carrots put their juice into this bottle just for you. Ahh - cool, sweet, creamy carrot juice, singing with flavor and natural nutrients like beta carotene and potassium. Odwalla's twenty-five-plus years of juice making innovation and refinement - getting to the root of the carrot juicing process - has resulted in the incredible beverage in this bottle: the tastiest, most vibrant essence of the carrot. We think it's simply the best carrot juice you can get anywhere. Drink it & thrive! 100% carrot juice. Not a reduced calorie food. Flash pasteurized. No GMO. Odwalla does not use ingredients that were produced using biotechnology where bioengineered varieties exist.