Unique Snacks Pretzels, Homestyle 4.8 Oz

Snack. Est 1921. Big puff flavor. Fun pretzel crunch. Light & crunchy (not fried). Whoever first matched Garlic & Butter together is a frickin Genius. We simply packed that flavor onto our Light yet Crunchy Puffzels. Made with whole grains but totally Gluten-free, Puffzels are your trusty sidekick for that snack-attack when you need a taste bud tantalizing, but not filling, Flavor-packed wingman. Six generations of quality goodness. Six generations of the Spannuth Family have been baking great pretzels since the late 1800's. In 1921, we established ourselves as the Unique Pretzel Bakery, Ine. As we evolved over the last 100 years, we became Unique Snacks and remain committed to making snacks that are simple and delicious for you. As our Arst-generation ancestor George Spannuth used to say, Ich bin bis uber beide Ohren verliebt! which pretty much translates to, I'm in love with this snack! and we think that you will be as well. Crunchy, not fried.