Garden of Eatin All Natural Tortilla Chips, Tamari

All natural tortilla chips with a ginger tamari style seasoning. Made with organic white corn. Made with no genetically engineered ingredients. Garden of Eatin' Tamari white corn tortilla chips are an international combination that unites the culinary specialties of two unique cultures into a light and crispy Southwestern tortilla chip with a tangy Asian flair. With a flavor similar to soy sauce, Tamari has been enjoyed in Japan for centuries as an accompaniment to the nation's authentic cuisine. We've taken the traditional flavor of Tamari and added the deep flavor of ginger, the bite of onions, the sweetness of honey, the aromatic nature of garlic, a sprinkle of parsley and a hint of pepper to create an exciting and flavorful experience. This delicious tasty treat adds a wonderful flavor variation to the Garden of Eatin' white corn tortilla chips made with organic corn. We're proud of the taste and crunchiness of our Tamari Tortilla Chips. But most of all, at Garden of Eatin' we're proud of our tradition of the finest in all natural snack foods. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients. And each batch of chips is made to order. That's what makes Garden of Eatin' snacks so tasty. Garden of Eatin's commitment to selling products made with organic ingredients means understanding that all the decisions we make have consequences--all the way down to the individual farmer we buy from. We are mindful of the soil, the water, biodiversity and even worker health. When Al Jacobson founded Garden of Eatin' over 25 years ago, he knew that buying organic crops from farmers who grew them without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers would be better for your health and for the environment as well. Even our oils are different. They aren't extracted chemically. We crush seeds mechanically in a press. It makes a difference you can taste. And the water--It's not just tap water from a big spigot in the manufacturing plant. It's filtered water. Clean. Clear. Fresh. Those little tastebuds on your tongue will tell you right away. Imagine: All the thought and care went into these wonderful, tasty, Tamari Chips. We're so proud of them. And we think you will be too. No preservatives. No hydrogenated oil. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Product of USA.