Manischewitz Egg Tam Tams Lightly Salted Crackers 8 oz

Snack crackers baked to perfection for a satisfying and light crunch. Kosher for passover. The Passover collection. Comfort food for the soul. Est 1888. Crisp, light texture. Nothing Artificial. Manischewitz Egg Tam Tams crackers are made with simple ingredients. Their crispy, delicious flavor goes with just about any topping or spread. According to Ashkenazic practice, all egg matzo may be eaten only by the young, infirm or aged. If you are of sephardic ancestry, consult your rabbi. Generations of kashrus & quality. Celebrating 130 years of crafting kosher foods. Manischewitz. A long name, with a long history of making traditional Jewish foods. The story began with Dov Behr Manischewitz, who arrived in the USA as an immigrant from Europe in 1885. Bringing the traditions of generations before him, he set out to make food products for Passover. Today, we still make simple comfort foods, born in the kitchens of generations of Jewish grandmothers. Here, have some more. Passover egg tam tams a snacking favorite for generations. Since 1940 people have enjoyed the delicious flavor of our Tam Tams Crackers. Their unique six-sided shape and crispy texture makes them the perfect snack to be enjoyed straight out of the box or served with your favorite topping. Facebook. Pinterest. (at)maniscehewitz. Twitter. Instagram (at)maniscehewitz. Visit us at: Try our other snackable flavors. Garlic crackers. Everything crackers. Printed on recycled paperboard. Product of Israel.