Ryvita Sesame Rye Crisp Bread 6 ea

Made with whole grains. Energy (Product as packed); 1609 kj (per 100 g); 673 kj (per single serving); Protein (Product as packed); 13.4 g (per 100 g); 5.6 g (per single serving); Glycaemic Carbohydrate (Product as packed); 58 g (per 100 g); 24 g (per single serving); of which total sugar (Product as packed); 3.2 g (per 100 g); 1.3 g (per single serving); total fat (Product as packed); 6.9 g (per 100 g); 2.9 g (per single serving); of which saturated fat (Product as packed); 1.1 g (per 100 g); 0.5 g (per single serving); dietary fiber (AOAC method used to determine dietary fibre nutritional information refers to the product as packed.) (Product as packed); 18.5 g (per 100 g); 7.8 g (per single serving); total sodium (Product as packed); 270 mg (per 100 g); 113 mg (per single serving). Suitable for vegans. Low in sodium. Source of fiber. 3 g fat per serving. Portion packs. Bite into crunchy Ryvita. Crunchy toasted sesame seeds blend deliciously with our rye. www.RyvitaUSA.com. For more topping tips, be inspired on www.RyvitaUSA.com. Box-card widely recycled wrappers-plastic currently not recycled. Made in Great Britain.