Lundberg Family Farms Whole Grain & Wild Rice, Organic, Wild Porcini Mushroom 6 Oz

Better the world with every bite! Since 1937, our family has been growing wholesome, great-tasting rice while tending to soil, air, water, and wildlife as carefully as our crops. Some people say we're a bit unconventional. But doing things our way - sustainably at every step - allows us to make better food for your table while leaving a better world for the next generation. That's why we farm organically, say no to GMOs, build soil health, and provide habitat for hundred of species. A savory balance of rice, spices, and herbs! Our recipe starts with organic whole grain brown rice and wild rice, which are seasoned with an irresistible blend of porcini mushrooms, garlic, onion, and olive oil. Lundberg Organic Whole Grain & Wild Rice is specially crafted to be a delicious side dish or easily dressed up with your favorite ingredients. This package is sold by weight, not volume. Contents settle during shipment and handling. We use 100% renewable energy to power and offset our manufacturing facilities.