ORGANIX Organic Cat Treats - Chicken Recipe - 2 oz Bag

USDA Organic. Castor & Pollux: paw made. We make stuff we like. No corn. No wheat. No by-products. There are treats and then there are treats. Most only deserve a quick sniff, my nose turns up, and I walk away with disdain. Not Organix Organic Cat Treats. The challenge is trying to pretend they're merely acceptable when really I could devour the whole bag in one heavenly mouthful. I know they're loaded with healthy organic ingredients including organic free-range chicken, organic brown rice and organic flaxseed, which makes them even more pawsitively divine, I'm just going to have to try and contain myself. Pollux, the cat. No artificial preservatives. No added salt. No added sugar. No humans were harmed in the production of this product. Certified organic by Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA International, Inc). Paw made in the USA.