Daiya Cheese Sauce, Dairy Free, Alfredo 3 Ea

Daiya Dairy Free Cheese Sauce is the secret sauce that makes everything better. Rich, creamy, and dairy free, our sauce is great for dipping, and perfect atop pasta, veggies, and snacks. Three packets per box for quick and easy meal prep. Let us know what delicious meals you create! Our Dairy Free Alfredo Mac & Cheese is already your go-to meal, but what if you could put that delicious plant based cheese sauce on whatever you like? Now you can! Rich and creamy, yet delightfully dairy free, our dairy free Alfredo pasta sauce is delicious on pasta, veggies, and as a dipping sauce. Pour it over linguine, use it for Italian-inspired crepes, or spread it on garlic bread to really take things to the next level.