Seeds Of Change Basmati Rice, Organic, Brown 8.5 oz

SEEDS OF CHANGE Certified Organic Brown Basmati Rice provides an easy-to-make, vegetarian-friendly option to expand your nutritious diet. Brown basmati rice is bound to astonish with the light nutty flavor and deliciously chewy texture it effortlessly adds to a variety of rice sides and yummy rice bowls. The tender basmati rice grains boast a mouth-watering aroma — the perfect organic food for any occasion. Whenever the rigors of busy modern life get in the way, choose SEEDS OF CHANGE instant rice that is ready in 90 seconds. Simply squeeze the pouch to separate the rice, place your pouch in a microwave and prepare your taste buds for delectable organic rice. You can also pour your basmati rice into a skillet and stir thoroughly until it's cooked to perfection. Surprise your loved ones with a spicy meal by preparing basmati rice with chopped onions, celery and savory lentils. If you're looking for something a bit more hearty, you can't go wrong with the Asian-fusion excitement of basmati rice mixed with beef sirloin steak, yellow bell peppers and sriracha sauce as part of a heavenly stir fry. Made with USDA-certified organic ingredients and free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, SEEDS OF CHANGE rice helps you feel connected to mother nature. SEEDS OF CHANGE brand believes that real food, carefully prepared with wholesome ingredients, brings exceptional flavor. It is committed to donating a portion of all profits to FoodCorps to help plant nutritious seeds through school growing programs across the country.