Preserve On the Go Cups - Apple Green - 10 Pack - 16 oz.

Powered by leftovers. 100% recycled plastic. Reusable: dishwasher safe. Made in USA from 100% recycled materials including take-out containers. One day a take-out container, the next day a cup. Nothing wasted. Everything gained. Use Preserve cups dozens of times-a better choice for the earth and for your wallet. If they get tired, recycle them wherever no.5 plastics are recycled. Or return them to Preserve and we'll recycle them for you. BPA free. Check out to: Join our Gimme 5 program where your recycling powers Preserve. Learn how Preserve Plastic saves energy, water and CO2. Find other cool Preserve products for your bathroom, kitchen and table. This label is made from PET. Made in USA.