Foodstirs Brownie Mix, Organic, Double Chocolate Sea Salted 16.19 Oz

Junk-free bakery. Sea salt pack included! So suh-weet! Good clean yum. Oh hey, welcome to the Foodstirs Fam! Our mission? To clean up your favorite treats and satisfy your sweet cravings, we keep it junk-free by sourcing organic, sustainable, clean ingredients that have 25% less sugar and 100% more yum! We believe in real food, better ingredients and good, clean fun in the kitchen. That’s our kind of suh-weet talk. Pssst! Want to know our suh-weet secret? We’ve cracked the code on the perfect natural suh-weetner blend that not has 25% less sugar, but tastes yum-azing. This salted, fudgy brownie is a modern twist on a classic sweet treat. Made with Fair Trade Organic Chocolate Chips, these delicious brownies are double the flavor, with 25% less sugar! Baker’s tip add parchment paper to the bottom of the baking pan for easy removal & clean up! Oh hey since you are reading this. It's browine time! Fair trade chocolate.