Maine Coast Sea Seasonings Dulse, Organic, Granules

Low sodium salt alternative. Excellent source of iodine. USDA organic. Please re-use or recycle. In his book, Iodine, Why you Need It, Dr. David Brownstein, MD, sites a government survey showing a 50% reduction in adult iodine levels since 1974. After discussing six possible reasons, he concludes: Depending on the iodine status of our body, my experience has shown the RDA for iodine (150 mcg/day) is inadequate. His colleage Dr. David Miller, MD, agrees, the recommended intake of 100-150 mcg is perhaps 100 times too low. Dr. Guy Abraham, MD, reporting on his clinical findings, says: Most patients on a daily intake ranging from 1,250 to 5000 mcg of elemental iodine reported higher energy levels and mental clarity. He also notes that a healthy thyroid: Has a protective mechanism, limiting the uptake of peripheral (unneeded) iodine. If you're concerned about too much iodine, please consult your healthcare practitioner. Otherwise, enjoy the abundance of iodine and other minerals this dulse brings you from the sea. Certified organic by OCIA (US-ORG-044).