Peace Cereal Peace Cereal Essential 10

10 g of Fiber in nutritious cinnamon-toasted cereal. Whole grain. 8 g Protein. 10 mg Soy isoflavones. Low fat. 100% Folic acid. USDA organic. Essentially nutritious. Discover breakfast as its best with the nutritious crunch of Organic Essential 10. This cinnamon blend of bran flakes and multi-grain clusters gives your morning a tasty kick and is packed with fiber, protein and energy-boosting carbohydrates to keep your energy balanced throughout the day. The 10 g of dietary fiber from our organic whole wheat, rolled oats and flax seed promotes regularity. The wholesome flax seed also provide 190mg of natural omega-3 fatty acids. Because it's high in fiber and low in saturated fat and cholesterol, eating this cereal as part of a healthy lifestyle may help reduce your risk of heart disease. Organic Essential 10 provides 8 g of protein, including 4.7 g of soy protein, in every bowl with 100% RDI folic acid, an important B Vitamin, and calcium. For a healthy start to your morning, the delicious crunch of our Organic Essential 10 is an essential addition to your breakfast table. It’s organic! Taste the healthy goodness of Peace Cereal and you will taste the natural difference of pure foods. We believe that organic foods bring as much peace to you as they do to the planet. Product of the U.S.A.