Shelton's Chicken Broth 14.5 Oz

Gluten free, fat free, low sodium. Now you can have the versatility and flavor of chicken broth with a nutritious difference: This broth is made by cooking chicken. We make our chicken broth in two varieties. This recipe is fat free and low in sodium. We also make a version seasoned with salt and pepper. Both recipes are hearty and delicious and made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Shelton's chicken broth is a wonderful clear soup all by itself, but a little imagination can unlock a world of delicious uses. Use it in place of water in many of your favorite recipes. It is especially useful in preparing soups, stews, gravies, sauces, stuffings, rice, casseroles, etc. Try using Shelton's broth when cooking vegetables, for a hearty and flavorful change. No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.