Steaz Cactus Water, Organic, With Cucumber & Green Tea 12 Oz

Cucumber flavor with other natural flavors. High in antioxidants (Organic). Reduces inflammation. Natural hydration. USDA organic. Fair Trade certified ingredients. 40% of product. Hydration for the mind, body & soul. We created Steaz with one purpose - to make the best tasting organic beverages on the planet. Mission accomplished! Our cactus waters not only taste great, but they also offer natural hydration. We start with the prickly pear - the fruit of the cactus and a true superfruit - which has berry-like flavor. Then, we blend it with green tea and cucumber for a crisp, refreshing drink. The prickly pear fruit is filled with natural electrolytes, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties so it helps improve cell health and skin hydration. Crack open a can every day of our Fair Trade Certified Cactus Waters, Iced Teas and Energy drinks. At Steaz. Certified vegan. Please recycle. Caffeine: 12 mg per can. 12% of an 8 oz coffee. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International.