Ever & Ever Still Water, 7.4 pH Balanced, with Electrolytes

Hello again. Does this bottle look familiar? That's because you've seen it before. Actually, you've seen it over and over again. Thanks to people who recycle 75 percent of all aluminum ever made still in use today. This bottle-can is an ode to aluminum, a love letter to the everlasting metal that has been around for approximately forever and will be around for approximately another forever, taking whatever shape humans require of it, silently selflessly without ego or waste. Aluminum never leaves your side. To be continued. Once you're finished, say goodbye to this bottle-can - but it won't really be goodbye. This bottle-cart will go on to become a pirate's hook in a local production of Treasure Island, soothing wind chimes, a custom spinning hubcap, and then another bottle-can, where we will have the opportunity to meet you again. Until then, we will miss you. Fighting to protect our oceans with Lonely Whale. Ball. for more information or questions regarding water quality report or any concerns, please contact www.drinkeverandever.com. BPA free. This can is recyclable for all eternity.