Choice Organic Tea, Northwest Blackberry, Caffeine Free

Wild herbal infusion. Choice Organic Northwest Blackberry is a celebration of field & forest. Selected wild leave & berries are honored around the world for the herbal brews they yield. Here in the northwest, the richness of blackberries provides a delightful cup of tea. Fantastic served over ice! Choice Organic Teas are certified as organically grown by an independent third party. Every aspect of the cultivation, handling and packaging is carefully inspected to insure the integrity of this product from the gardens of origin to your cup. Choice Organic Teas come from garden tended by traditional methods, without the use of chemicals. Conscious practice of top soil management and weed control create a balanced environment to alleviate any agricultural problems. Through diligent care of the environment, our growers produce exceptional teas and herbs. USDA organic. Certified organic by QAI, Inc.