Sanpellegrino Momenti Lemon and Raspberry Flavored Sparkling Drink, 11.15 FL OZ Can

Make every moment matter with a Sanpellegrino Momenti Lemon and Raspberry Flavored Sparkling Drink. This Sanpellegrino sparkling juice drink is made with real zesty lemon juice and succulent raspberry juice (3% lemon and 3% raspberry juice from concentrate) that add a light fruity touch of flavor to carbonated water. Add color to any ordinary day with the exciting fruity mix in this raspberry and lemon flavored sparkling drink. Different from a traditional flavored sparkling water, the unique balance of sweet and zesty citrus in each can is a flavor twist that can brighten up any routine break. These Sanpellegrino sparkling fruit beverages contain 35 calories per serving with no artificial sweeteners, so tasty, fruity, lighter moments are yours to enjoy anytime you choose. Enjoy Sanpellegrino Momenti Lemon and Raspberry flavored sparkling juice drinks as a fruity, bubbly drink, a tasty mid-afternoon low calorie juice treat, or while you unwind at the end of the day. Whatever the occasion, brighten up your moments with a Sanpellegrino Momenti Italian Sparkling Drink.