Oregon Chai Chai Tea Latte, Organic, Original

Black Tea, Vanilla & Spices. USDA Organic. Concentrate. Just add milk. Makes 1/2 gallon. All natural. The unadulterated, expurgated, variegated, caffeinated, in no underrated, but somewhat understated and totally uncomplicated choice for the environmentally exasperated. The natural response to an artificial world. Organic Original. As pure as nirvana gats. Dizzy in the Himalayas we took a sip of destiny from a cup with a peculiar crack. Chai. Ancient blend of spice and spirit. We conspired to slip this cat out of its bag. With a yin for yang, cinnamon and honey, we had a vanilla bean and we weren't afraid to use it. At last we found it. The cup of wonder. Oregon Chai Tea Latte. Hare Rama, Holy Moly and Louie Louie all rolled into one. Oregon Chai Tea Lattes. Hot or cold, the official drink of the human race. Sustainable agriculture, environmental awareness and all natural products have played a critical role in making Oregon Chai the premier Chai Tea Latte. Certified Organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International).