O.N.E. Coconut Water, Fruit Punch 8 Ea

One natural experience. Super hydrating! No sugar added. Rich in vitamin C. With natural juice concentrates. Healthy child; healthy world. Gluten free. Healthy hydration. Like other O.N.E. Beverages, the balanced combination of sodium and potassium in coconut water makes this O.N.E. Kids drink a healthy hydrator. And kids love the great taste! Healthy Hydration: What is coconut water? Slice the top off a young green coconut and you have nature's best rehdyrator - clear, pure coconut water. Coconut water naturally contains all five essential electrolytes, with more potassium than a banana and the perfect combination of sodium and potassium for healthy hydration. For centuries, moms around the world have recognized the hydrating benefits of coconut water for kids whether they're on the go or under the weather. Combined with fruit flavors kids love, ONE Kids coconut water is tasty, nutritious and refreshing. Enjoy O.N.E. Cold! Only 60 calories. Gluten free. Packed in the USA. Product made in the USA.