Gt's Kombucha, Raw, Carrot Turmeric 48 Fl Oz

Renew. Rebalance. Rebuild. Reclaim. Rekindle. Recharge. Begin Within: Begin with a sip of liquid life and a bold bite that's undeniably electric. Begin with a drink that is living- bubbling with nutrients and billions of probiotics. Begin with energy that nourishes your body's vitality, making you feel more alive. Begin with a taste that transforms you from within. - GT Dave, Founder. Raw is real. Words of Enlightenment: Love is the only solution to every problem. - Cloudwalker Weaver. Healer Henagar, AL. Living food the living body. When heated, filtered, or from concentrate, Kombucha's innate nutritional integrity is forever compromised. See the proof for yourself at the bottom of every one of our bottles. Naturally effervescent. Please recycle.