Bhakti Chai Iced Chai, Coffee Blend 16 Oz

The original fresh chai. Fresh pressed ginger. Fiery spices. Cold-brewed coffee added. Gluten-free. Vegan. Low-fat. Dairy-free. Non GMO project verified. Fair trade certified. Certified B Corporation. Eco-cycle zero waste. Approximate caffeine content per serving: 42 mg. Coffee and tea? Together? The combination to some is like discussing politics and religion, but we at Bhakti Chai believe in blending flavors for heated conversations. We use a cold-brewed technique to extract the unique smooth flavor from coffee that creates a creamy caramel backdrop to the warm gingery cardamom flavors of Bhakti. Bhakti Roots: I began brewing chai as a way to transport myself back to India - inhaling the fragrant cardamom and tasting the fresh ginger swept me back into the chaos, colors, and vibrancy of India. Bhakti means devotion through social action and our company built on this ideal. We donate to nonprofits that invest in women and girls, use socially responsible ingredients (organic, fair trade, nongmo) and practice zero-waste manufacturing. I hope you find our iced chai both delicious and inspiring. - Brook, Founder & CEO. Brewed in Boulder, Colorado.