If You Care Coffee Filters, No. 6 100 Ea

Designed for drip coffee makers. No toxic additives. Perfect for brewing fresh coffee. Ok compost: TUV Austria home. Compostable. Healthy home. Healthy planet. Healthy you. Those are big promises but you can't have one without the others, so here's our thinking. Like it or not, we are all intimately connected within our world. Choices we make affect us all, even the choice of coffee filters we use in making coffee. If you care about your choices, so do we. And when we care, we all benefit. Chlorine. We use unbleached, totally chlorine free (TCF) paper, eliminating the risk of chlorine residues entering the watercycle where it can have harmful long-term ecosystem effects. Paper. Illegal logging accounts for millions of acres of forest loss and untold damage to the wider environment and social cohesion. We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper that promotes the most rigorous environmental and social standards of stewardship. Lifecycle. Globally, millions of tons of valuable biobased materials go to landfill, where they remain useless and worse, produce greenhouse gasses that accelerate climate change. Composting. Our coffee filters are compostable so they return organic material to our ecosystem. Micro fauna get a good meal and produce soil-enriching, life-giving compost that locks up carbon, contributing to soil health, ready for the next generation of life. It all adds up to our circle of life moment. Lovely thought.