Maya Kaimal Everyday Chana, Organic, Medium, Black Chickpeas, Coconut & Green Chili 10 Oz

Plant-based protein. Ready in 90 seconds. Deeply flavorful black chickpeas (kala chana) are perfectly complemented by this lush coconut sauce spiked with green chili and black pepper. Famously known as Kadala in South India, this recipe came from my Aunty who made it with love. Chana, the Indian word for chickpea, is a protein-rich bean cultivated in tan and black varieties. Chana curries are a soul-satisfying go-to in India. I bring a fresh perspective to my delicious heritage, inviting you to experience the beautiful complexity of Indian food and share it with the people you love - Maya Kaimal, Julia Child Award-Winning Cookbook Author. Separation is natural.