Maya Kaimal Everyday Chana, Organic, Black Chickpeas, Tamarind & Sweet Potato, Mild 10 Oz

Plant-based protein. Ready in 90 seconds. I love the toothsome bite and nutty flavor of black chickpeas (kala chana). For this recipe, I combine the chickpeas with sweet potato and tangy tamarind for a fulfilling curry that you'll love spooned over a bowl of steamy rice. Chana, the Indian word for chickpea, is a protein-rich bean cultivated in tan and black varieties. Chana curries are a soul-satisfying go-to in India. I bring a fresh perspective to my delicious heritage, inviting you to experience the beautiful complexity of Indian food and share it with the people you love. Maya Kaimal. Julia Child Award-Winning Cookbook Author. Separation is natural.