Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support, Mushrooms, Capsules 30 ea

17 Spices blend. Comprehensive Immune Support: Often used as support for seasonal wellness, MyCommunity is our most comprehensive immune formula. MyCommunity: Promotes the immune system's natural ability to communicate and react. Supports the body's innate defense and repair systems. No.1 best-selling mushroom brand in the U.S. (Source: SPINSscan Natural / Natural Products Supermarkets. Less than $2MM / total US - Natural Channel / Mushrooms Ingredient Report / 52 Wks ending 12/26/2021). Powered by mushroom mycelium. Fungi Perfecti - makers of Host Defense Mushrooms - was formed by renowned mycologist Paul Stamets to build a bridge between people and fungi. We specialize in mycelium-based supplements for immune support and whole-body wellness. Sustainability grown in the USA, our mushroom mycelium is cultured on organic brown rice. Host Defense formulations are based on scientifically validated data to ensure quality and safety. - Paul Stamets. Bee friendly.