Aura Cacia Home Aromatherapy Kit 1 ea

Pure aromatherapy. Contents: 1 bag potpourri, 1 glass cylinder and 1 bottle (0.5 fl oz). Aromatherapy botanical potpourri. Contains 100% pure essential oil. Aura Cacia has created a holiday gift that's as nice to give to others as it is to give to oneself. Aura Cacia's Aromatherapy Botanical Potpourri contains natural botanicals that are a perfect fit with our Frosty Pine essential oil. Use this all-natural, energy conserving, diffusion method to avoid synthetic fragrances throughout the fall and winter seasons. Apply several drops of Frosty Pine to the potpourri to produce an elevating atmosphere for the holidays. Not tested on animals. Contains no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colors. Note: No synthetic colors or color stabilizers are used on the botanical potpourri. As a result, some fading may occur over time.