Vega Drink Mix, Organic, Plant Based, Berry Flavored 12.1 Oz

About 9 servings. All plant. All welcome. At Vega, we're passionate about making delicious plant-based nutrition that's good for the planet and those who live on it. Filled with good stuff, so you can do more fun stuff. People plants planet. Contents may settle during shipping. No artificial colors. The one with all the vitamins and nutrients you want. 20 g organic protein a multi-source blend of organic pea, sunflower seed and pumpkin seed protein with 9 essential amino acids. Veggies & greens including USDA Organic-certified kale and spinach. Omega-3 ala & fiber (Contains 3.5 g of total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat content) - 500 mg Omega-3 ALA and 21% of fiber (Contains 3.5 g of total fat per serving) from natural sources. Probiotics: 2 billion CFUs of Bacillus coagulans. Vitamins & Minerals: A good source of 14 vitamins and minerals including vitamins D, C & calcium. Check out our sustainability commitments at: Certified B Corporation.