Dr Tungs Toothbrush Sanitizer, Snap-On, Fresh Lime Aroma

Kills germs naturally! 100% natural. Antibacterial vapors safely sanitize your toothbrush! New refill design! Saves 46% plastic. 6 months total protection. FDA registered. Fits most manual and power toothbrushes. How it Works: Toothbrushes harbor harmful bacteria that can re-infect your mouth when you brush. Our sanitizer releases disinfecting vapors from special essential oils, to kill germs and neutralize bacterial growth on your toothbrush. A clean, safe, hygienic toothbrush helps protect your mouth from infection. 100% natural disinfectant. No animal testing. Container made with EcoPure. See lab test at www.drtungs.com. www.drtungs.com. Made in China.