Harvest Bay Fruit, Pineapple, Dried

Tender Fruit Pineapple, softer and juicier than ordinary dried fruit. Harvest Bay Tender Fruit is a delicious new kind of dried fruit that is so soft and juicy, you might think it is fresh fruit. Tender Fruit is 100% real fruit, peeled and cut into bite size pieces; ready to eat anytime and anywhere. We carefully hand select only tree-ripened fruit, fresh from the orchards, for Harvest Bay Tender fruit. This easy to open, resealable stay fresh foil bag helps maintain the natural goodness, flavor and texture of Tender Fruit. Harvest Bay Tender Fruit is the perfect snack for home, school or on the go. Try Tender Fruit in your favorite salads, salsas, entrees and desserts. Tender Fruit is a quick and easy substitute in any recipe for diced fresh fruit or canned fruit. Product of Thailand, Packaged in Turkey.