Against The Grain Gourmet Pizza, Three Cheese 24 Oz

Okay, peek through the opening. No mystery in here. You can see the premium cheese blend, the real tomato sauce and the puffy golden crust. This is the real deal, and it is gluten free. The Green Mountains of Vermont are home to a number of artisan bakers and specialty food entrepreneurs. We take great pride in supporting our local economy. Here at Against the Grain, we have developed a unique pizza made from fresh ingredients. It is prepared by staff who care deeply about the quality of the ingredients and the farmers who produce them. We work with family farms and local producers to craft an authentic pizza, made of nothing but our ingenuity and simple ingredients. We're making gluten free delicious. No one ever said it would be easy - Going Against the Grain. And, no one understands more than we do the challenges of delivering delicious gluten-free products in a world of industrialized food. There was a time when food was handcrafted from simple, farm - fresh ingredients and eaten with respect. Somewhere along the way, the people were taken out of food production, and then the real ingredients themselves. Food chemists invented flavor enhancers, dough conditioners, binders, food dyes, and preservatives, and they modified basic food starches beyond recognition. Something as sacred as a simple pizza was transformed from comfort food into a science experiment. Here at Against The Grain, we sincerely believe you are what you eat. Our milk and eggs come fresh from local family farms. Our cheese has no anti - caking agents and is natamycin free. We never use any binders, dough conditioners, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, or preservatives. Not only that, but you can recognize, pronounce, and spell all of our ingredients.