Saffron Road Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice, Medium 10 oz

World cuisine. Chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. Journey to better. Explore the dish crowned by the British as their national dish. Did you know that - The wildly popular chicken tikka masala is filled with more than delightful Tandoori spices, it's filled with intrigue. The origin of this triumph of Indian cuisine remains a mystery to some, its history stretches back 5,000 years to the first use of the tandoor, the Indian clay oven. to others, it is a modern invention created by the British. Whoever is right, our chicken tikka masala is your journey to better culinary experiences on the Saffron Road. Authentic Indian recipe. At Saffron Road, we are on a journey to discover and share extraordinary flavors and meals from around the world. Experience the wonder of finely crafted international food, with our bold, authentic recipes made with carefully selected ingredients. Grounded in a deep respect for our planet and the nourishment it provides, all of our products are held to the highest of culinary, quality and ethical standards. Saffron Road. Journey to Better. Chicken raised with care (Our family farmed chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, mindfully handled with proper shelter and resting areas promoting healthy behavior, and never, even given antibiotics). Our Chicken Tikka Masala features: tomatoes; ginger; cumin; turmeric; coriander seeds. Recyclable cardboard and inner tray.