Food For Life Bread, Gluten Free, Flax 24 Oz

Sprouted grain & seeds. Chia quinoa millet. Created with your health in mind. Food For Life is pleased to bring you Sprouted For Life Breads. A unique line of gluten free breads made from 3 super-nutritious seeds: sprouted chia, quinoa, and millet seeds - a trio of health! Made with a generous amount of organic sprouted Flax Seed, rich In essential fatty acids (EFA's) this loaf is specifically developed help you perform at your great balance of nutrition and flavor with delightful texture. Unlike most gluten free breads on the market today, our unique Sprouted For Life Breads are sprouted to maximize nutrition and. digestibility. Talk about nutrition! If y' looking for superior nutrition in a' great-tasting bread, reach for Sprout Life Breads. With just one bite, you' they're a Food For Life!