Daily Greens Juice, Raw & Cold-Pressed, Purity

Kale, parsley, broccoli, cucumber, celery, lemon + basil. 5x nutrients as standard juicing. 6 pounds fresh raw produce. 9 servings vegetables & fruit. Most of our vegetables are seasonally sourced from local organic farms. A Message from the Founder: I have been consuming my Daily Greens for the past seven years as a way to recover from Stage 2 breast cancer. I am living proof of its life-restoring power. Not only are my handcrafted recipes 100% nutritious, they also taste great. - Shauna Martin. Daily Greens is proud to donate a portion of sales to programs that provide services to young women battling breast cancer. Daily Greens is cold-pasteurized using a technique called high pressure processing (HPP) which maintains freshness and nutritional value without heating. drinkdailygreens.com. Facebook.com/drinkdailygreens. Manufactured in Austin, TX.