Born Free Cup, Drinking, 290 ml, Hard Spout, 9+ Months

Plastic free from Bisphenol-A. Bisphenol-A free. Free flow of liquid. Teething friendly spout. Low vacuum valve. Includes hard spout. What are the Benefits: The Drinking Cup is made of a safe Bisphenol-A plastic. The spout if firmer and allows your child to get ready for the next stage: drinking from a regular cup. The unique vented system minimizes vacuum to create a free flow of liquid. The free flow system prevents your child from having to suck excessively hard. This helps reduce colic systems, middle ear infections, gas and spit up. The vented system has just two push-together parts. The handles are easily removable and can be used on all BornFree bottles and cups. All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe. Health Ranger recommended. 2007 Recipient. Made in Israel.