Domaine Breca

Varietal red wine Spanish garnacha. Traditional viticulture. Dry farmed. Breca is crafted from multiple tiny vineyards planted up to 115 years ago in the mountains surrounding the old celtiberian city of Mundobriga, founded c. 300 B.C.E. Located at 3,300 ft. above sea level, these vineyards sites of Garnacha have been cultivated for many centuries. The locals have long understood that the combination of altitude, iron rich slate soils, and arid climate stress the dry farmed bush trained vines, and produce a wine with extraordinary freshness, minerality, and finesse. Breca champions traditional Spanish viticulture and winemaking - its deep hints of blackberry and raspberry are highlighted by its shimmering ruby colour. Varietal Wine Certified by Cential. Alc. 15.5% by vol. 31 Product of Spain. Bottled by Bodegas Breca S.L.