Warre's Porto, Late Bottled Vintage, Bottle Aged 750 ml

Product of Portugal. Purveyor to HM the Queen of Denmark's Household. This bottle has been matured in its own bottle for at least four years unlike most other LBV's which are bottled and sold immediately. This prolonged ageing process is the key to giving this wine its outstanding quality, balance and structure. Ready for drinking now. Warre's is one of the only Port companies to have always made Late Bottled Vintage is the original way and continues to do so. Carefully selected from the finest wines of a very good year, this Port is aged in oak casks for 4 years before being bottles without any fining or filtration. This ensures that this Port's superb fruit concentration is retained. Once in bottle, Warre's LBV is matured for a further four years in the company's cellars prior to release for sale. It is this prolonged ageing in its own bottle that allows the wine to develop its outstanding style and complexity. Alcohol 20% by volume.