Sixpoint Cycliquids Beer, Imperial Porter, 4Beans

Constant renewal is a force of nature, so as creative cycles begin again, the Mad Scientists' formulations reach toward full flower. Complex flavors of barley, cacao, and coffee, now overlaid with Madagascar vanilla, turn trinity to quadrality. The people have spoken. 4Beans is in bloom. It's mad science. Stumptown coffee roasters. Mast Brothers chocolate. Baltic tales spoke of ancient brewers tossing beans and barley into cauldrons, creating dark, rich beers that fell in showers. Steeped in these traditions, the Mad Scientists resurrected this ale when 3Beans was first created by the BKLYN trifecta of Sixpoint Brewery, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and Mast Brothers Chocolate. Beer is culture. Ale brewed with natural flavors and with coffee added. Est 2004. Http:// Beer for beasts. Please recycle. 10.0% alc./vol. Formulated by the Mad Scientists. Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn, New York.