Stone Beer, Ale, Pataskala Red X IPA

A massively dry-hopped crimson IPA. A redder shade of IPA. Pat-ASK-ala? Pata-SKALA? Pa-TASK-a-la? While those in the know favor the third pronunciation, no matter how you say it, this is a unique red IPA. The beer was first brewed in September 2015 to support music and arts education programs in Pataskala, Ohio, where Stone co-founder Greg Koch grew up. People there loved it, so we added the beer to our seasonal lineup, and the Pataskala name stuck. The crimson hue is courtesy of a special German malt variety by Bestmalz called Red X. Appearances, however, only tell so much. Heavily dry-hopped with mosaic, cascade and Amarillo hops, the beer is incredibly citrus-forward, rounded out with notes of biscuit and toffee from the malt bill. The result is evocative of red IPAs yet different. And as luck - or perhaps skill is more the appropriate word, to give our brewing team their due - would have it, it's quite wonderful. We think you'll find this unusual red IPA to be quite deliciously satisfying, no matter how you choose to pronounce it. Videos & More: (at)StoneBrewingCo. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. (hashtag)PataskalaIPA. 7.3% alc/vol. Brewed & bottled by Stone Brewing, Escondido, CA & Richmond, VA, USA.