Dogfish Head Beer, India Pale Ale, Nordic Spring 6 ea

A super citrusy Hazy IPA ​brewed with Norwegian Kveik yeast, wild juniper berries, orange peel, & Danko rye malt. ​Kviek yeast ferments at higher temps and imparts strong citrus & tropical notes in the fermentation process. Paying homage to its Norwegian roots, Dogfish Head Nordic Spring IPA is brewed with Norwegian staples including wild-harvested red juniper needles berries, orange peel and Danko rye malt, and hop it with Simcoe, Citra and Comet hop varieties. The result is a hazy, citrusy and piney IPA. ​ Check out the latest Dogfish Head Art Series limited release with graphics by Natalya Balnova. 6.5% ABV. Available through March. Six 12 fluid ounce cans.