Saranac Octoberfest Beer 12 - 12 fl oz Bottles

Hoptoberfest IPA: This German-inspired IPA is brewed with a blend of U.S. and Bavarian hops, providing flavors of citrus, pine, and spice, finishing with a balanced maltiness. Festival Pils: Whether you’re under the tent at Oktoberfest or in your backyard, this easy-drinking and crisp pilsner is the perfect beer for a Fall celebration. Prost! 1888 Octoberfest: Toasty. Malty. Octobery. An authentic German-style lager passed down through four generations. One sip will send you straight to Munich. Black Forest: This is a German-style Schwarzbier, named for the original homeland of our founder, who emigrated from the Black Forest region. We Only Brew Beers We Love to Drink: Our brewing philosophy is to make beers that are distinctive tasting, yet truly drinkable. After all, we are a family of beer drinkers, and we like to enjoy more than one. We make our beers full flavored and as balanced, smooth, and refreshing as possible. We hope you love our beers as much as we do. -The Matt Family. Please recycle. Club Saranac Member. Join Clube Saranac! Step 1.) Go to our website: Step 2.) Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on Join Club Saranac. Your input is important to us and we love hearing from our fans. Did we mention it's free?! Here are some membership benefits: Receive gift shop, 1888 Tavern, and event discounts. Swag and concert ticket giveaways. Help determine the future of the brand (surveys). Discover more about our beers and brewery and find out what's new.