Peychauds Cocktail Bitters, Aromatic

Bitters equal for cocktails every bar prominence. Gold medal - New Orleans 1884-1885; Bronze Medal - Atlanta, GA 1895; Gold Medal - St. Louis 1904; Gold Medal - Portland, OR 1905; Highest Award - Jamestown 1907. Produced from the original formula. Peychaud's Bitters: In the early 1800's, Antoine Amedie Peychaud, an apothecary, gained fame in New Orleans not for the drugs he dispensed, but for the compounding of a liquid tonic called bitters. These bitters, good for what ailed one, irrespective of malady, gave an added zest to the potions of cognac brandy he served in his pharmacy. Cognac had long been a popular drink in the numerous coffee houses of New Orleans, and presently customers began demanding their brandy spiked with a dash of the marvelous Peychaud's Bitters. The zest Peychaud's Bitters gives drinks and food has given it an honored place in famous gourmet recipes the world over. 35% alcohol by volume.