Benvolio Friuli Pinot Grigio White Wine, 750ml

Made from 100% Pinot Grigio, this is an excellent expression not only of the variety, but the Friuli terroir. The Friuli region is in the northeastern corner of Italy, an area known worldwide for its white wines. Italy’s Friuli region is known for producing exceptional white wines crafted with balanced acidity, sugars and fresh ripe, structured fruit. This dry, crisp, and full-bodied white wine, made from 100% pinot grigio, is refreshing with balanced acidity and a clean finish. This Italian wine is a true expression of the pinot grigio wine varietal with aromas of lychee and rosewater and flavors of apple and pear. Pair with white meats, delicate fish and soufflé. This bottle features a convenient screw cap for fresh wine and easy pouring. This bottled Italy pinot grigio is 12.5% alcohol by volume.